Advanced Used-Look,a Brand-New Concept by DyStar and Kaiser to Create Fashionable Wash-Down Effects

DyStar and Kaiser recently launched the Advanced Used-Look concept, a brand-new concept to create fashionable wash-down effects. The new concept from DyStar and Kaiser uses a unique and more sustainable process, creating a used-look on colorful garments. In the conventional garment dyeing and washing process, there are many problems that may occur.

  • Some of these challenges are very difficult to manage, for example:
  • Difficulty to achieve dark shades during dyeing
  • Dyeing of bright shades is not possible with sulphur dyes
  • Poor rub fastnesses in medium to dark shades when dyeing with pigment
  • Poor reproducibility and long process time during dyeing
  • High water usage during wash-down processes
  • Difficulties to achieve effects with regular washing process
  • To create the used-look, hazardous bleaching chemicals such as potassium permanganate are used, which constitute a risk to humans and the environment
  • Poor reproducibility and shade change due to the bleaching process

The required neutralization step after the bleaching is time and water consuming Compared to conventional garment dyeing and washing processes, Advanced Used-Look offers excellent color fastnesses and exceptional reproducibility.

  • The wash-down process is carried out without water, thus saving valuable resources. The benefits of the Advanced Used-Look concept include:
  • Provides a fashionable used-look after the garment treatment, without an additional bleaching process
  • Process is applicable for both garment and fabric dyeing
  • No cationization is needed in the dyeing process
  • Excellent color fastnesses
  • Good reproducibility and levelness
  • Garment treatment process is conducted without water and without hazardous chemicals such as potassium permanganate

Energy and time-saving Get in touch with DyStar via for more information on the Advanced Used-Look concept!