Cadira Laundry

Save valuable resources with us!

Cadira Laundry is an eco-frienly product range that aims to elliminate the usage of toxic chemicals and auxilaries that do harm environment in laundries and replace these toxic chemicals and auxilaries with eco-friendly products that helps saving valuable resources.

Key Problems in Denim Laundries

It is a well known fact that denim industry couse a high environmental impact in overall production. Garment finishing part covers a big part of this impact. As Kaiser and DyStar, we are well aware of this negative impact and we have been taking a leading role to change this fact with our sustainable products and solutions.

Water and energy

Impact of chemicals during production, use and disposal to the human health and environment

Sludge formation caused by pumice stones

Challenge One; Water and Energy Consumption

As we all are aware, garment finishing requires a huge amount of water and energy consumption and that is not accaptable anymore in a world fighting to survive.

Cadira Laundry offers various solutions to reduce water and energy consumption. The product range consists of eco-friendly products that mostly do not require any pre and/or post threatments. Cadira Laundry products are suitable for low liquer ratio machine applications. Also, Cadira Laundry products gets activated under room temperature conditions which creates a good amount of savings.

Comparing to the convensional garment finishing methods, sustainable garment finishing methods with Cadira Laundry products save huge amount of valuable resources. According to the researches, Cadira Laundry provides;

Up to 90% less water consumed

Up to 60% less chemical impact

Up to 45% less worker impact

Up to 40% less energy consumed

Challenge 2: Impact of Chemicals: Potassium Permanganate

Spray application of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is one of the most common local bleaching method accross the world. Most of the local used look on jeans created by local application of potassium permanganate.

Unfortunately, still 90% of bleaching processes are using potassium permanganate which is sprayed on jeans by workers in open spray systems. That means everyday more than 5 tons potassium permanganate are used worldwide.
Even though potassium permanganate is good at giving bleached effects, it is a hazardous chemical that risks human health and environment. Also, it consists of heavy metal componants and it is not biodegradeble. Potassium permanganate belongs to the substances which are dangerous to the environment with high fish toxicity.

In many countries, there are strict regulations about potassium permanganate due to the hazardous consequences it cause. However, potassium permanganate is still a desired product in many countries because it is cheap and services the purpose.

As Kaiser and DyStar, we aim to remove this hazardous chemical out of laundries and replace it with eco-friendly product alternative. Cadira Laundry has several bleaching agents that can be a great alternative for potassium permanganate in right conditions.

Alternative Products for Potassium Permanganate

Lava Con DOZ & Lava Con DOZ Conc

Lava Con DOZ is a specially formulated product designed to activate the ozone bleaching effect on denim substrates. It provides a clear and brightbleaching look and improves the marble effecton denim garments.

Easy to control

Efficient on indigo and sulphur denim

Ozone activation

Lava Zyme NBF & Lava Con NAF

Lava Zyme NBF & Lava Con NAF is the first ever local enzymatic bleaching agent, developed as an eco-friendly alternative of potassium permanganate. This enzymatic agent works under the room temperature and does not cause any strength loss.

Based on enzyymes

No heating required

No fabric damage

Lava Con NRT & Lava Con PBA

Lava Con NRT & Lava Con PBA are organic bleaching agents which provide a clear and bright look on denim. These two product provides bright bleaching look both on indigo and sulphur fabrics.

No unpleasant smell

Free of heavy metal

GOTS approved

Lava Con LSB & Lava Con LAC

Lava Con LSB is a laser smoother which gives closest sandblasting looks on the surface. Lava Con LAC is a laser activator that improves the laser effect.

No unpleasant smell

Free of heavy metal

GOTS approved

Challenge 3: Sludge Formation Caused by Pumice Stone

Pumice Stones had been playing an essential role in garment finishing because of the marble effects that it provides. However, pumice Stones causes many environmental disadvantages and they are another important challenge in the industry that requires to be replaced.

Elliminating pumice Stones from laundries is inevitable because of the disadvantages. The biggest environmental disadvantage is the sludge formation of pumice Stones that laundries leave to the environment. Sadly, every year around 350-400 thousand tons of pumice sludge waste releases to the environment.Mining and transportation are another problems that increases the carbon footprint.

As Kaiser and DyStar, we aim to remove pumice stones out of laundries and replace them with eco-friendly products. Cadira Laundry has enzyme and syntetic stones that can be a great alternative for pumice stones in right conditions.

Pumice Stone Alternatives;

F-Stone 2020 – Durable Synthetic Stones

F Stones are sytetic Stones with high durability, an environmentally friendly alternative of pumice stones. These stones are one of the most durable stone alternatives that can last over 6000 baths. They are recycable stones that provides zero waste to the environment.

Lava Cell NSY

Lava Cell NSY is a water-free stone washing enzymedeveloped to achieve stonewashing effect without stoneunder water-free conditions.

KKT Powder Activator – Enzyme Accelerator

KKT Powder Activator is a special stone washing enzyme activator works atroom temperature without water. The combined process withLava Cell NSY + KKT Powder Activator enables us to get similarresults with the conventional stone washing process.