F-Stones’ recyclability makes it a ‘forever product’, says Kaiser

Chemicals group DyStar and its subsidiary Kaiser Tekstil have launched a range of synthetic stones (pictured) that they say offer an environmentally friendly alternative to pumice stones, in part due to their recyclability.

F-Stones works effectively for more that 6,000 washes (as that’s where current testing is up to) and can be recycled and reused.  

This makes it a “forever product”, offering cost advantages in the long term, according to a spokesperson from Kaiser Tekstil, a global distributor of DyStar Laundry Auxiliaries. 

Its R&D team started working on F-Stone in early 2020, taking around six months to finalise.

F-Stones can be used in cold water, reducing energy needed, and the stones do not absorb chemicals or leave any sludge. 

The company also recommended the addition of Lava Cell NCS enzymes to the F-Stone bath to “get the closest look to the pumice stone effects”. These natural enzymes accelerate the mechanical abrasion of indigo and can shorten the stone wash cycle, it said.

Source: https://insidedenim.com/News/157129