History of Kaiser


Kaiser Textile and Chemical Products Limited Company was established by Berk Ocalmaz in Uskudar, Istanbul on 20.09.1996. The company started to operate in denim chemicals industry under the title of Rotta Chemistry as a vendor of this German Corporation.

In 2005, Kaiser incorporated with Rogen Textile Chemicals and Marketing Limited Company, founded by Cem Özkeşkek. The company started operating in textile chemicals industry as a vendor of Rotta Chemicals in Thrace Region.
Following the purchasing of Rotta Chemical by DyStar in 2006, Kaiser continued the business life as a distributor and vendor of DyStar in the laundry and garment dyeing industries. Kaiser became the vendor of DyStar in Turkey and the middle eastern regions. The growing success of Kaiser’s sales in these regions caused extended business agreements between Kaiser and DyStar. After being the global vendor of Turkey, the middle east, and Asia, Kaiser became a global vendor of DyStar. Today, Kaiser is operating in laundry chemicals, auxiliaries, and dyestuff industries as the global vendor of DyStar.
DyStar has published the first sustainable report as a result of sustainability commitment of the company. As the global vendor of DyStar, Kaiser claimed the commitment of sustainability. Since then, DyStar and Kaiser are providing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, challenging the previous products with more eco-friendly solutions day by day.
In 2014, Kaiser started pumice stone marketing and sale transactions with the association of KaStone, a sister company of Kaiser. After Kaiser’s participation, in 2016 KaStone increased the activities in the domestic market and incorporated with one of the largest and successful mining operators in the region. Today, KaStone is one of the biggest pumice stone provider globally.

In 2015, the collabortion between DyStar and Kaiser expanded more. Kaiser became a vendor of DyStar for dyestuff in TAME region. It has been operating efficiently in the entire regional countries and primarily in the domestic market in Turkey with an experienced technical marketing team.


Kaiser established the first abroad office in Pakistan - K K Textile Chemicals Pakistan (Private) Limited and started to make local sales to the domestic market. K K Textile Chemicals incorporated with the successful local business partner - Info Chemicals and became Sole Distributor of DyStar for Pakistan Denim Laundry Auxiliaries. K K Textile Chemicals Pakistan (Private) Limited has been providing fast and efficient solutions to the industry all over Pakistan with the expertise of local & global teams and the logistic advantage of both Karachi and Lahore warehouses.


In 2018, Kaiser launched the first-ever local enzymatic bleaching agent, Lava Con NBF. This product has been a milestone for sustainable bleaching processes in laundries all around the world. Lava Con NBF brought a brand new machinery technology within, closed system robotic spraying machines. Lava Con NBF is still a very important and used product in laundries.


In 2020, Kaiser developed another game-changer product, F-Stones. F-Stones are the most durable synthetic pumice stone alternatives that solve the problem of sludge waste. These sustainable stone alternatives are well known as recyclable. Currently, for many laundries, F-Stones are still irreplaceable pumice stone alternatives.


Kaiser established the second abroad office, Kaiser Mexico. Kaiser Mexico aims to give local support in South America with a skillful local marketing team.