Kaiser Development Hub

Kaiser Development Hub is a small laundry hub that offers creative and experimental garment finishing solutions for partners and customers.

Kaiser Development Hub was established as a research and development area in 2007. The hub is located in a part of DyStar Turkey factory, in Tekirdag, Turkey. The hub is enclosed with the latest machinery technologies from different machinery companies all around the world. With the experienced technical team, the hub has been playing an important part in product development.

The hub works as a laundry consultancy center. Kaiser’s technical team offers the best application advice with the best recipes according to the customer’s needs. Kaiser always welcomes their customers and partners in the laundry hub to find the best available solutions according to their needs.

Besides product development and experimental center, the hub services as a creative denim designing center. Kaiser’s laundry team has been created countless denim collections by using the latest technologies and the best available products. The hub is focused on creating the best designs and best effects by the best chemical combinations.