Kaiser shows prowess at Istanbul event

Chemicals group DyStar’s Istanbul-based subsidiary Kaiser Tekstil delivered a standout presentation during the recent hybrid Sustainability Talks Istanbul event, during which the company’s sales and marketing director, Serdar Demircioglu (pictured), outlined its “solutions” for the industry.

Among the Kaiser innovations discussed, Mr Demircioglu particularly highlighted its “ecological” Cadira Laundry product range, which he said offers significantly reduced water (up to 90% less than standard), energy (around 90% less, thanks to it being room temperature-friendly) and chemicals (roughly 60% less) utilisation.

On the Cadira Denim concept, in particular, Mr Demircioglu singled out how the combination of DyStar’s Indigo Vat 40% solution with the “more ecological” reducing agent Sera Con C-RDA can enable salt-free dyeing with reduced effluent load.

A more recent innovation spotlighted during the presentation was Lava Zyme NBF, which the Kaiser representative described as “the first and only” local enzymatic bleaching system for both indigo and indigo-and-sulphur chemical cocktails. He also touched upon the company’s Lava Con NRT (an “alternative” to potassium permanganate and sodium hydrochlorite), Lava Con PBA, its “laser-enhancing” Lava Con LAC and “laser smoothing” Lava Con LSB.

Placing pumice stones under the microscope, Mr Demircioglu further touched upon Kaiser’s relatively recent developments, Lava Cell NSY (which supports “extremely good washing results”, he said) and F-Stone 2020, as potential replacements already available in the market.

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Source: https://insidedenim.com/News/160047