Lava® Con DOZ, The Future of Ozone Bleaching

Lava Con DOZ is a specially formulated productdesigned to activate the ozone bleachingeffect on denim substrates. The product is anecological replacement of permanganate andhypochlorite. It provides a clear and brightbleaching look and improves the marble effecton denim garments.

Dry Ozone Application

The application of Lava Con DOZ can bedone by dipping, spraying, regularmachine applications or in closedmachinery systems by injection. Garmentsshould be fully dry before the ozoneapplication.
Lava Con DOZ provides great bleachingeffects on both indigo and sulphur fabrics.The product doesn’t require any specialneutralization. After the ozone application,only a simple detergent washing will beenough for neutralization.

Works Both on Indigo and Sulphur Fabrics