Lava Zyme NBF

We are proud to introduce the first ever local enzymatic bleaching system without using hypochlorite or potassium permanganate
You can forget all other permanganate alternative chemicals because what we provide is based on enzymatic structure.

The first ever local enzymatic bleaching system.
The most sustainable way of bleaching.
The only enzymatic method for local bleaching.
No need heat activation and provides energy saving.
It is worker friendly due to isolated structure.
Easy to apply efficiently as garments become reddish during application.
It does not require any specific neutralization and one alkaline washing is enough.
It is biodegradable.
No hazardous ingredients pass to effluent due to enzymatic nature.
It is developed for Indigo and Indigo&Sulphur mixed fabric types.
No strengthloss problem due to enzymatic structure.
Much more cheaper cost according to other alternatives in terms of economical
No corrosive effect on machinery parts.
It is certified Bluesign,Oeketex 100 and ZDHC Gateway Level 3 platforms.