Kaiser cutting-edge laundry chemical solutions meets circular fashion

According to Triarchy cofounder Adam Taubenfligel, going green is a group effort, which is why the family-owned-and-operated denim brand agreed to be the creative partner for a denim capsule that can be easily recycled without manual deconstruction, a primary reason most denim ends its life cycle in landfill.

Orchestrating the project was sustainability advocate Ani Wells. “She knew that Triarchy had been grappling with the circularity, end-of-life dilemma,” said Taubenfligel. “The prospect of a jean with truly no plastic components whatsoever garnered an instant ‘yes’ from us.”

The Cellsius capsule collection.
The end result, “Cellsius,” (a nod to the cellulosic fibers used) features two trucker jackets, shorts, boyfriend-style jeans and a tunic produced by B Corp.-certified AGI denim from a proprietary material provided by Swedish sustain-tech company Renewcell consisting of 70 percent organic cotton and 21 percent viscose from sustainably managed forests.

The remaining 9 percent comes from Renewcell’s trademark Circulose®, a dissolving pulp poised to become more readily available to fashion brands like Triarchy after agreements with the China Textile Academy Green Fibre and Tangshan Sanyou were reached to ramp up its production. 

“Cellsiuis” garments are sewn from water-soluble thread provided by Coats and feature Polive’s biodegradable buttons made from waste biomasses. Triarchy also linked with wash-and-dry partners Jeanologia and Kaiser to achieve a vintage indigo using lasers, chemical-free ozone bleaching and no virgin water.

“Cellsius” is available on Triarchy and Neiman Marcus’ e-commerce and at select Neiman Marcus stores. 

“Neiman Marcus’ Sustainable Edit has been a huge supporter of Triarchy’s initiatives since Day One,” said Taubenfligel. “It’s one thing to be strict in your manufacturing practices, but if no one knows about it then the efforts get lost. Neiman Marcus’ ESG team works with us to disclose all of our brands’ responsibility efforts so that the customer is clear on the choices they are making with their purchases.”