Kaiser delivers ‘the future of ozone bleaching’

Istanbul-based laundry auxiliaries and colourants supplier Kaiser Tekstil recently announced Lava Con DOZ, an ozone activator which it described as a way to bypass the oxidising agent’s limitations when it comes to bleaching.

Marketing specialist at the firm Ezgi Nur Ondas framed the innovation as “the future of ozone bleaching”, telling Inside Denim that the product effectively “removes [its] limits”, improves its effects and can achieve “very light colours” that ozone cannot typically attain alone.

Ms Ondas said that Lava Con DOZ has been designed to obtain a bright bleaching effect on denim substrates and works “very well” on both indigo and sulphur, adding that it has also been found to improve marbling effects on the surface of denim.

The ozone activator can be applied by dipping, spraying or via conventional machine applications, or by injection in closed machinery systems.

An “ecological replacement” to potassium permanganate and sodium hypochlorite, Kaiser’s latest “worker-friendly” development has been specially formulated without toxic chemical components, with the company adding that detergent washing after application is sufficient for neutralisation.