Kaiser: workers’ safety was focus for latest bleaching product

Chemicals group DyStar’s subsidiary Kaiser Tekstil has launched a denim collection made with its latest bleaching agent, Lava Con PBA.

The collection, Zero 2021, is so-called because it does not use hazardous chemicals or potassium permanganate, sodium hypochlorite or pumice stones and is its most sustainable yet, according to Kaiser.

Lava Con PBA is designed to be “an ecological replacement” of permanganate and hypochlorite. It provides a bright bleaching look and improves the marble effect on denim garments, said the company.

It can be applied by dipping or closed machine spraying and does not require any heating process after the application.

A spokesperson said: “Sometimes, even though a product is very environmentally-friendly, it cannot get integrated into the industry in practice. That’s why, during the development process, our biggest concern was developing a worker-friendly product. We believe that Lava Con PBA will adapt to the laundries easily because of its worker-friendly advantages.”

The Zero 2021 Collection also uses the enzyme solution Lava Cell NSY, an accelerator for stone washing and an auxiliary for stonewashed effects. The spokesperson added: “We are very proud of Lava Cell NSY’s growing success and we are happy to be a part of reducing the amount of water that the laundries have used.”

Image credit: Kaiser

Source: https://insidedenim.com/News/159369