Latest enzyme effective without added water

DyStar distributor Kaiser Tekstil has said its latest enymatic agent for denim laundries works in two ways, without adding water to the drum.

Lava Cell NSY can be applied after the pre-wash on wet garments, accelerating the stonewashing effect or as an auxiliary for stone-free effects.

“Once the garment is wet, the product works very well,” said Serdar Demircioglu, sales and marketing director at Kaiser, “so this innovation can save a huge amount of water that laundries use for stonewashing.

“It can also provide stonewashed looks without any stones on some denim qualities.”

The company said Lava Cell NSY has been developed to provide very low back-staining in water-free conditions, and adding Lava Zyme VWS for indigo denim and Lava Con CMS 100 for sulphur denim in the post-washing process can achieve cleaner and stronger effects.

It has also recently launched F-Stones, a range of reusable synthetic stones.