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Kaiser Textile and Chemical Products Limited Company was established by Berk Ocalmaz in Uskudar County, Istanbul on 20.09.1996 and it started to operate in denim chemicals sector under the title of Rotta Chemistry as a vendor of a German Corporation.
In 2005, it incorporated with Rogen Textile Chemicals and Marketing Limited Company, founded by Cem Özkeşkek and operating in textile chemicals sector as a vendor of Rotta Chemicals in Thrace Region.
Following the purchasing of Rotta Chemical by DyStar in 2006, it started its business life as a distributor and vendor of DyStar in washing and piece dyeing sector in Turkey and the Middle Eastern region. The agreement between Kaiser and DyStar was updated by the end of 2006 owing to the success it attained in this market and the agreement was extended as to encompass the Asian region first and subsequently the entire world. Today, Kaiser Chemical is operating globally as the vendor and distributor of DyStar in the sector of washing, chemicals, and dyes.
It started pumice stone marketing and sale transactions with the association of KaStone in 2014 and in 2016 it increased KaStone’s association activities in the domestic market and in the form of exports by becoming a partner with one of the largest and successful mining operators in the region. As of the end of 2017, it is continuing its activities in this sector as the market leader.
A new collaboration work was added to the works between DyStar and Kaiser in 2015 and it started to function as the dye distributor of DyStar in Kaiser TAME region. It has been operating efficiently in the entire regional countries and primarily in the domestic market in Turkey with its recently established technical marketing team.
During the same year, its corporation structure was modified and it was turned into a joint stock corporation from the limited company. Our Corporation has been continuing its marketing and technical service activities in all of the countries where denim sector is active, and it has been the market leader globally since 2015.
Our Corporation’s primary aim since its establishment date is to create joint solutions with our customers and to bring constant innovations to the market with novel technical marketing methods. We are pleased about the support we have received from the textile sector and we will go on to create different solutions with this support.


Kaiser established a new company in Pakistan - K K Textile Chemicals Pakistan (Private) Limited and started to make local sales to the domestic market. As of 2018, K K Textile Chemicals merged with the successful local business partner - Info Chemicals and became Sole Distributor of Dystar for Pakistan Denim Laundry Auxiliaries. K K Textile Chemicals Pakistan (Private) Limited is continuing its activities while providing quick solutions to the industry all over Pakistan with the expertise of local & global teams and with the logistic advantage of both Karachi and Lahore warehouses.
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